Soft Aesthetics by Per Cià Skincare

your body deserves more 

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Refer a friend or family member 

and receive £1000 rebate off 

your current VIP Surgery Package. 

Guidelines for Patient Referrals:

Referral must be a new patient who has never been to the practice and must book a VIP package. The referred patient must use your full name when scheduling their procedure. The referral rebate is not transferable and can only be used by the referring patient. Your referral rebate can only be used for current or future surgeries; it cannot be applied as a payment on an outstanding balance from any previous surgery. Your referral rebate cannot be combined with any other discount; it can be used for a future non-discounted surgery. Your referral rebate will be applied to the surgeon’s fees only; hospital and anesthesia costs are the patient’s responsibility.