Soft Aesthetics by Per Cià Skincare

your body deserves more 

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Your face and body are your calling card. You need to stay competitive in business, in love and in life.  Ageing can send a false message; that you are not as sharp or competent as when you were younger.  Plastic surgery helps eliminate that misrepresentation and makes you feel confident and sexier. Your best masterpiece is yourself. Why are you waiting to have a better sex life, better relationships, a better career, a better self-image ?  You deserve to be happy, right now.

If you reserve any one of our VIP multiple procedure packages, you will benefit from the following:

Surgery performed by the best Plastic Surgeons in the world - Surgeon's fees - Anesthesia - 5 star medical surgical facility with one overnight clinic stay - English and French speaking Medical staff - Pre-and Post-Operative Appointments - Compression garments - Specialist medical tourist insurance with free legal advice - Patient Coaching with the Aesthetic Advocate - Return flights - Downtown Suite stay for 2 weeks - Limousine service to and from airport to hotel - Pre-assessment medical questionnaire - 1 vial of post surgical scar treatment serum valued at £150 - Visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world : 

Montreal (known as the Paris of North America)

Our packages also include 3 one-hour aesthetic sessions.  Each session is dedicated to ensure you are at ease and understand the procedures.  You will have the opportunity to speak directly with the chosen surgeon before your departure as well as have a follow-up session with our UK-EU based specialist after your return.  All instructions and recommendations will be made during your sessions.