Soft Aesthetics by Per Cià Skincare

your body deserves more 

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Why we are better than any plastic surgery clinic in the UK and Europe:

1- We believe that safe plastic surgery is a right for everyone; not just a luxury for the few. You should never have to travel to an unfamiliar country where you risk suffering permanent damage or a botched procedure by an unqualified person.  We work only with the best specialist American Board Certified plastic surgeons in the world. Our surgeons were all educated and trained at top US Medical Schools and belong to the most prestigious North American Medical Associations. We are able to offer affordable luxury plastic surgery services as an association of top American Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

2- We believe that the Surgeon should work for you; not you for the Surgeon. Cost should never be a deciding factor to your health and well-being. We offer access to the best American Board Certified surgeons for up to 20% less cost than the best plastic surgeons in the UK and EU. A major advantage of Montreal as a plastic surgery destination is the benefit of first-class American medical expertise combined with cost-effective procedures due to the lower Canadian currency rate against the Sterling, Euro and US dollar. We are partnered with a five-star medical facility that offers the best of both worlds; top quality medical procedures at an affordable cost.

3- We believe you have the right to feel safe and be protected before, during and after your surgery.  We are the only American plastic surgery centre based in the UK and EU that can offer specialist legal plastic surgery tourism insurance that guarantees your protection in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Your health and safety is the number one priority for us.  Canada and the USA possess the reputation of being the most medically advanced countries in the world with the best and safest doctors and surgeons for plastic surgery. We are partnered with an American medical insurance company that offers our patients access to a VIP protection program that guarantees should anything go wrong, you are fully protected.